What support is needed from The Carpentries staff and infrastructure?

We are currently looking into adding Zoom rooms. Other technologies may or may not be practical to support. If you have thoughts on other ways in which staff or technical support from The Carpentries may be useful or necessary, please add those here.

  1. A clear message that the materials were not designed to be taught this way, so it’s “OK” and not a reflection on someone as a teacher if 50% of their class doesn’t come back on day 2 (?).
  2. A webinar/lesson/documentation on Zoom features and how to do breakout rooms etc - this is HARD.
  3. Advice and a plan for how to deal if Zoom goes down (1) How do you tell students where to go? and (2) If Zoom stays down, what’s the recommended alternative platform? How do we set it up?