Semi-synchronous or Asynchronous alternatives

Maybe the ideal online Carpentries workshop looks nothing like the ideal in-person event! Alternatives might include:

A combination of e.g. recorded tutorials (rough, workshop-specific) and synchronous support through shorter meetings (similar to a ‘flipped classroom’)

A combination that replaces all fully synchronous meetings with an actively monitored chat or forum (e.g. Discourse)

Have you tried anything like this? What do you think?

Tool-specific comments also welcome – asynchronous support could also be offered to complement or follow a fully synchronous workshop.

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TBH I’m still a sucker for synchronous work, and while it’s REALLY HARD to do online - I think we should still persevere.

Because the benefit of our workshops is also in the community we foster, and the enthusiasm and belief in our learners we’re able to share. I don’t think you can capture that in a video or express it in writing in a chat?.. :cry: