Response template for open enrollment inquiries?

I am the listed contact for an upcoming online Carpentries workshop, and I got a cold email from someone saying:

“I came across an advertisement on Data Carpentry webpage about an upcoming workshop organised by you and your team. I would like to know if this online workshop is free of charge? And if yes, how do I register for it? The content looks super useful for me but I could not find any registration information on the workshop page. I believe I have all of the requisite softwares and hardware to join the workshop. I would appreciate your clarification and more information on this workshop.”

The workshop I’m co-instructing is organized for a particular host organization, and so enrollment is not open. However, because it’s online, I can see how someone might be curious whether they can simply attend a Carpentries workshop now on request.

Because online Carpentries workshops are the norm at this time, it would be useful for instructors to have a response template, e.g. something that explains briefly how workshops are organized, how the inquirer may go about requesting that a workshop be organized for their institution or advice for self-organizing, etc. Pehaps there could even be a brief notice with a link embedded within the online workshop page template?

In the short term, does anyone have a template response they have sent previously to this kind of inquiry?