How is Code of Conduct application different in an online setting?

Please respond with challenges or opportunities in managing the Code of Conduct specific to online trainings.

You need to make sure that the videoconferencing structures are set up initially (could probably template this!) so that bad actors can’t randomly join/spam others - this thread has a few good tips!

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In addition to Zoom Hacking - which thankfully is something I only heard of from the media/hearsay - I think the CoC online involves having an upfront, explicit set of instructions for how we:

  1. Ask questions/raise hands/take turns speaking
  2. Ensure that all participants get a chance to answer questions and contribute to reporting the outcomes of peer learning, not just the extroverted/vocal ones

Once an online group becomes comfortable with Zoom, they start using Zoom chat more and start putting in comments and jokes. They perhaps just need reminding that CoC applies to the chat messages and to be mindful.

Code of Conduct responsiveness in the classroom requires having a broader classroom management plan. How will you address disruptive participants, or unwanted digressions? Having procedures in place and educating your learners about them will also give you a route to follow when responding to more serious concerns.

Conversation in Instructor Training repo on GitHub is here, with suggested introductory text:

A few technical points re Zoom:
when waiting rooms are enabled, a participant can be ‘kicked out’ of the main session (without having to wait for them to accept an invitation, as they do with breakouts) without being ejected from the call. In the waiting room, the host can communicate with the participant, but not vice versa.

Alternatively, when creating breakouts, a couple of extra ‘rooms’ may be created for ad-hoc conversations, which may range from tech support to lets-check-in-on-your-behavior chats. However, note that participants will need to accept the invitation to join.

We will be updating our instructions for Zoom soon, as there have been multiple recent updates that affect management strategies like these.