Equity and Inclusion in an online workshop

What challenges and solutions related to equity and inclusion are specific or unique to online teaching environments?

Note that there is a separate topic for Code of Conduct issues.

All of our workshops have some economic barrier, in that ownership of a laptop is a prerequisite and antiquated equipment can create substantial obstacles. In online training we additionally require reliable internet access, are unable to offer options to loan or share equipment, and are far more limited in our ability to directly troubleshoot equipment-related problems.

There may be new opportunities to enhance our accessibility options, e.g. through captioning.

A lot of mobile service providers are providing ‘free’ data to students in South Africa. If you are thinking of teaching a online workshop - have a look here https://mybroadband.co.za/news/cellular/349109-free-data-for-university-students-in-south-africa.html

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