Discourse about Discourse!

What are the pros and cons of using this forum in our community conversations? What should and shouldn’t it be used for? How can we systematically turn conversations into actions? What questions do you have about features or policies?

Pros could be a platform where all ideas, comments and concerns could be raised (and indirectly hosted), but my fear is that if discussions aren’t centralised by topics (like threads) accessing the information might be difficult.

I agree! How specific do you think these topics need to be? e.g. is “Online Training” too broad? “Trainers” probably is.

This is a general guide to moderating in Discourse: https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-moderation-guide/63116

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Great question, I think online training can be a thread with tags to specific aspects. For example #zoom #stickies. If this is possible one can then search easily within a thread for relevant information.

OK - I have poked around and enabled tags! Will see what we can do with these. :slight_smile:

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Great - how would we use the tags?

Good question! The forum settings allow tags and sub-tags – there’s quite a bit of customization potential. But I’m not sure about the best/most useful way to apply these. I think @serahrono led us through the process of adding tags to our blog posts. Maybe there is something we can learn from that?


Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to start playing around with the settings!

A possible pro is that Discourse looks like it could become more interactive than topicbox, which looked more like an announcements board.

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I wonder if objective measures (or constructing objective measures) is useful here? Do we have any way to see (urgh) click-through-rates and read-rates on various calls to action distributed by topicbox (web or email) versus discourse? Or perhaps rates per subscriber ratio, considering that discourse is still tiny in comparison?

I think our main objective is to demonstrate if [topicbox/slack/github issues] works or doesn’t – as that will inform if discourse is a compliment or replacement.

I suspect I’m in a severe minority by making sure everything is routed into stuff I check regularly.

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